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Founded in 2004, Canterbury Language Academy (CLA) is one of the leaders in international language education in Sydney Australia. A proud part of Canterbury Education Group, we are a dynamic and well run English language institution.

Over the past 10 years, Canterbury Language Academy has provided professional English language training to thousands of international students from over 30 countries around the world.To support the high quality of our English programs, we provide students with an up-to-date, ‘live’ progressive curriculum which is constantly updated based on student and teacher feedback. This allows for interesting and effective teaching methodologies and a caring and friendly teaching approach from all teachers and staff. Every student is treated as an individual learner and not just as a member of a class. Our friendly, experienced and caring teachers and staff are always focused on every student’s learning goals.


While you are studying with us, you will experience enjoyable and memorable extracurricular activities, creating lifelong memories. Every 5 weeks there is a school wide excursion to one of Sydney’s famous tourist attractions including a lesson and review the next day.

We also provide counseling on all matters related to student life in Australia and can organise safe and affordable accommodation, for you if you wish.

All in all, Canterbury Language Academy will make your language learning experience a very productive, unique and rewarding one.

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Quality courses

CLA offers a range of modern courses. You can take any combination you wish, depending on your interests, language goals, language level and schedule. Classes start every Monday, giving students great flexibility in planning their programs.
Our English language teachers are not only experienced and highly qualified, but are very dedicated to providing students with the best educational they can whilst allowing students to experience the typical Australian cultural experience.
Our Student Services department is dedicated to ensuring that every student has a safe and enjoyable stay in Australia. We have staff members available for counseling who speak a variety of languages. If there are difficulties initially, translators are available to help students settle into a natural rhythm as quickly as possible.
Our host families are carefully selected after being screened, visited and interviewed to ensure that they provide comfortable, caring, clean and safe homestay environments. CLA has a very close business relationship with its homestay provider, so if any issue arises – it can be dealt with almost immediately.
Our social activities give students an opportunity to practice English in real situations, experience Australian culture, and make many new friends from around the world.
Canterbury Language Academy has students from more than 30 countries around the world. We always try to have a mixture of nationalities in the school and maintain an English only policy while student are at school.
Our modern campus has a perfect, unique location. All of Sydney’s main transport, education, sports, government and tourist facilities are just walking distance from the Academy.
The school is very well equipped with a wide range of facilities including spacious classrooms, library, computer laboratories, and a student resource centre.

• Speak and understand English better by communicating correctly and fluently

• Sound more like a native speaker through accent reduction and pronunciation techniques

• Improve your grammar, reading comprehension, listening, writing and note-taking skills

• Learn English and vocabulary used on an everyday basis in Australia

• Build self-confidence while speaking in front of your peers

• Prepare for further studies in Australia

At Canterbury Language Academy you will experience the academic element of your study abroad, but also the cultural and social aspects as well. We go beyond teaching you language. Your learning experience does not stop when your classes finish; it continues throughout your afternoons and evenings too! CLA will introduce you to Australia!

We will introduce you to restaurants, parks, galleries, museums, the beautiful Harbourfront, sporting events, festivals, music, culture, outdoor activities and the many neighbourhoods that make Sydney one of the best cities in the world!

You will have so much fun that you will not realize how much you are learning! The friends you make and the memories you share will stay with you forever, no matter how wide your world becomes.