Pronunciation & Communication

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CRICOS Code: 096457F

Course length: 5-10 weeks

The Pronunciation & Communication course is now available for all students wishing to improve their English speaking and listening skills in Australia. The PRON-COM is intensive and focuses on improving fluency and clarity through intensive training in speaking,  listening and pronunciation.
Students must have an intermediate level of English equivalent to an IELTS score of 5.0. They study 20 hours per week and must complete all tests and assessments over the 10-week period to obtain a certificate. However, students can enroll for 5 weeks or 10 weeks. 1-week enrollments are only acceptable in Week 5 and Week 10 for those preparing for the Pearson Test of English or the IELTS exam.


  • Higher score on most English exams like IELTS, PTE, CAE etc.
  • Happier times in Australia – can find work and make friends more easily.
  • More self-confidence in every day communication.
  • More understanding and better adjusted to the western culture, behaviour and values.


  • Focus on fluency, speed and American accent
  • Intensive physical training in the sounds of the English language
  • Unique method – Patrick Hayeck’s BBR – Block, Build and Rewire
  • Lots of one-on-one correction and feedback
  • Fast-paced, Fun and Motivational
  • Discipline, commitment and self-challenge – strict English Only policy

The method

Patrick Hayeck’s BBR method is based on 3 concepts to achieve fluency, speed and clarity in oral communication. Students must be able to:

  • Block their old speaking habits – NOT let FIRST language interfere with English through correction.
  • Build new speaking habits and muscle memory – master the English sounds through targeted repetition.
  • Rewire their brain – use both native language and English without letting one affect the other.

Weekly Content

Week 1 Pronunciation Foundation (General American Accent)
Week 2 Pronunciation and Grammar 1
Week 3 Pronunciation in survival English
Week 4 Everyday English verbs
Week 6 Pronunciation Foundation (refresher)
Week 7 Pronunciation and Grammar 2
Week 8 Common Slang and Idioms
Week 9 Job interview skills

Course Creator

Pronunciation & Communication Course Creator

An English Pronunciation and communication guru, Patrick Hayeck has over 10 years of experience in teaching and management. He’s a pioneer having created some of the most popular pronunciation and fluency courses now taught in Sydney by the biggest English schools. Patrick was nominated for the John Gallagher Professional Bursary and invited to speak at the 2011 ACPET conference about his ground breaking teaching method. He’s trained a number of ESL teachers in pronunciation teaching and changed the lives of hundreds of students.



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