Attendance Policy

Canterbury Language Academy has a minimum attendance requirement of 80% of the program for which they are enrolled. Attendance is recorded for each study period of the day and updated on the student database weekly. Should attendance drop below the required level the following will occur:If your attendance drops below 85%, the Academic Manager will meet with you to counsel you and encourage an improvement in attendance.

Should attendance for the course drop below 80%, warning letters are issued weekly.

At the time of the third and final warning letter, or when you are unable to attain an overall attendance of 80%, you are informed in writing of your right to access the Complaints and Appeals Process. You may appeal within 20 working days or otherwise be reported to ‘Australian Immigration and Boarder Protection Department’ (DIBP) for failure to comply with the attendance requirements of your visa.

In exceptional circumstances, for example illness or a death in the family, the college may excuse you on compassionate grounds. However, these instances would be dealt with on a case by case basis and documentary evidence, such as doctor’s certificates, would be required.

Failure to achieve 80% attendance overall, or between 70% And 80% with accepted compassionate grounds, may result in the cancellation of your visa by the ‘Australian Immigration and Boarder Protection Department’. DIBP.

Your enrolment at the college shall continue as per your CoE while the appeal is being heard.

If you are absent for 5 days in a row without notifying the college, you will be contacted by phone to find out why you have been absent and to counsel you about your attendance.

Failure to attend for 7 consecutive days with no notification to the college may result in your course being terminated and being reported to the ‘Australian Immigration and Boarder Protection Department’. DIBP.

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