Introducing CLA to Korean students: Studying English Sydney

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Patrick Hayeck, CLA DOS introduces Canterbury Language Academy to Korean students interested in studying English in Sydney, Australia. Here’s the film transcript.

Good day Korea,
A big hello from Australia to our Korean agents and students. I have had a lot of Korean students over the years. They’re wonderful people; dedicated, disciplined, hardworking and some of the best international students you can ask for. That’s why I’d like to talk to you directly about CLA and our English courses. First of all, we are located at the heart of Sydney CBD. We’re 5 minutes away from Central station. And we are surrounded by the best cafes and restaurants. It’s a very vibrant, very lively city. We have a variety of English courses taught by some of the best teachers in Sydney. Our idea of a best teacher is one that is certified, qualified, experienced, passionate and caring. And that is what’s so special about CLA, that we’re like a big family. When you join the school, you feel like you are becoming part of a big family. It’s got a very warm atmosphere and we’re very proud of that. We look after our students. We love our students and they love that. They feel it and they know it.

We have a variety of English courses

We have:

  • General English course
  • English for Academic purposes course
  • IELTS preparation course
  • Pronunciation and Communication course (PRON-COM)

Pronunciation and Communication course

PRON-COM is a powerful course – intensive and sound-based course. It focuses on speaking and listening. There’s no reading, and no writing. Because we understand that there are a lot of students like you in Korea, you are pretty good with grammar. You have been learning grammar since Primary school. You have been learning grammar since you started learning English. You do a lot of reading, you do a lot of writing but one of the things you need, and that’s based on my experience, one of the things you need is the ability to speak fluently and confidently and clearly. What I’ve seen is that many Koreans students speak English through the Korean sound system. When they produce the English sounds, they are producing the English words through Korean sounds. And that is not a very good way to speak English. So by doing the PRON-COM, you are getting trained in the sound system of the English language; you are training your mouth and ears to produce and hear the language in a totally different way.

The PRON-COM improves fluency, speed and clarity and takes your speaking to a whole new level

It’s based on my personal method – I have created that method based on my own learning experience. Yes, you heard me. I was not born here, I was not born in America, I did not come here as a teenager, I did not come here as a child. I came here as an adult. I was 22 years old. And believe it or not, before coming to Australia, I’d never spoken a word of English. And I never went to an English school, I taught myself everything about the language including pronunciation.

At some point, I went on a camping trip with a bunch of Australian friends. We were sitting around the fire, and everybody was having a good time, everyone was joking, laughing and having a good time except me. I was sitting there and I was staring at everybody and I did not dare to open my mouth. And what’s worse was that I could not understand a word they said, and that destroyed my confidence. So I hated it. And because I hated it, I got up and caught a train back home, and I made a promise to myself, that I would never find myself in the same situation again, that I would become like a native speaker of English.

Analyzing the sound system of the English language

So I went home and I thought about a plan. And my plan was to choose a rap song, not any song, a rap song to listen to every day for many hours. I would analyze the sounds of the language, and how the rapper is going so fast from point A to B without stopping. I wanted to understand the sound system of the English language. I wanted to train my ears to hear the details that I couldn’t hear before. And I thought if I could train my ears and mouth to produce the sounds as fast as that rapper, I might be able to improve my fluency.

So I started doing that. And I did it for about 6 hours every day. 3 months later I was able to follow his speed, but that was not enough for me. I did not stop there. I listened to other rap songs, and I repeated the same process, many times. And every day, I wouldn’t go to bed before 2 am, I would spend hours trying to figure out how he’s doing it that fast. 8 months later, I went for a job interview and that was the first one I attended.

Whereabouts in America were you born?

The employer asked me “whereabouts in America were you born?”. I said “I’ve never been there” because I’d never been there. And he was shocked. There’s no day that goes by without having somebody asking me that question. Now, how did I do it? It didn’t happen by luck, it didn’t happen by accident. There was a method and I have been teaching for the last 10 years, not only in Australia but also in Japan. I have taught hundreds if not thousands of students and I’ve saved so many lives. So many people came to Australia and studied English for months and years and they could not improve. They could after attending my course. Because my course is powerful, intensive and sound-focused and it’s for those who have no time to waste.

About BBR method – Block old speaking habits

Let me tell you about the method. It’s BBR. Block – Build – Rewire. What are we blocking? What we block is the effect of your first language on English. Because when you speak English, you don’t speak English as English, you pronounce the English words through the Korean sound system. So you are saying English words but you are using Korean sounds to pronounce those words. And that is a big problem. It’s something that you cannot control. Because your brain is not talking to your muscles. So when you speak English, you’re not speaking it as English. You are speaking it as Korean. And the first thing I do is block the impact of the Korean language on English, and that’s a big job. But I got better at it, and I do it wonderfully with my students.

Build muscle memory – new speaking habits

The second thing we do is build new muscle memory – we build new speaking habits. And that’s very important too. Just like when type on the keyboard – you want to get used to typing fast, you want to type with both hands without looking at the keyboard. You cannot do that overnight – it takes a lot of practice and repetition. Because your fingers need to remember the location of the buttons. That’s muscle memory. It’s like riding the bicycle. It’s like learning how to drive.It’s like playing the guitar or learning the piano. It’s the same idea – it’s a physical skill that you need to master. You need to build muscle memory. Unless you do that, you won’t be able to speak English fluently.

Rewire your brain

Now the third thing we do is rewire. Rewiring your brain is reprogramming your brain. And that only happens when block and build, block and build repeatedly and intensively. Your brain is getting reprogrammed to process the sounds of the English language in a totally different way. That’s how we do it. It’s direct, intensive and confrontational. It’s physical training and it’s part of my job is to motivate you because you are going to need the motivation. And without motivation, you can forget all about it, it’s not going to happen. It’s part of my job to motivate you, to entertain you, to push you and to program you and train your ears and mouth to deal with the English sound system in a totally different way. And that’s what I do. So that’s it about the PRON-COM.

Contact us for more details about PRON-COM

I hope you enjoyed watching the clip, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask our marketing manager in Korea, I believe she’s best qualified to answer any questions about the course but if you still have any questions that are still unanswered, feel free to email me at, and I’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you might have. Thank you very much for watching this clip and we’re looking forward to having you in our classrooms. Thank you very much and have a great day.

CLA Staff

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